iBikeNoviSad is a company that aims to show the beauty of Novi Sad to visitors in the best way possible: by bike! It specializes in groups, private tours and customized tours for cruise-ship guests. Having a good time and a fun experience is more important than having a history lesson and the iBikeNoviSad guides love sharing ‘their’ Novi Sad with the guests.

In 2011 the Dutch founder of iBikeNoviSad started his first bike-tour company in Belgrade, Serbia, called iBikeBelgrade. The aim of the founder was to share his love of Belgrade to foreign visitors. Apart from this, the company also promotes cycling as a way of transport, creates employment and inspires people to also be social entrepreneurs.

The first years iBikeBelgrade grew in size and experience and in 2013 started to provide customized bicycle tours for guests of cruise-ships who sail down the Danube and visit different cities. This was so successful that together with some cruise-ship companies it was decided to provide the same services in Novi Sad, and iBikeNoviSad was born!

Apart from sightseeing by bike in cities, iBikeBelgrade and iBikeNoviSad also provide rental of trekking bikes, transport and accommodation for people who want to make longer tours.